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Chasin's Travel Tips

The Best Place to Rent a Motorbike in Kampot

by Shopify API
There are SO MANY places to rent a motorbike in Kampot. However, like most things, some places are much better than others.

How To Get from Sihanoukville Airport to Kampot

by Jen Kelly
We recently flew internationally into Sihanoukville Airport and wanted to go directly to Kampot. We couldn’t find much information online about the best way to do this trip, so I thought I’d share how we did it.

5 Backpacking Essentials for Southeast Asia

by Jen Kelly
So, you've decided to go backpacking in Southeast Asia. You’re in for a big adventure. But when it comes to your backpack, it’s best to keep it small. That being said, don’t leave out these 5 Backpacking Essentials that are sure to save your trip.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp: 7 Things You Should Know Before You Go

by Jen Kelly
I completed the trek to Everest Base Camp with my best friend last March and it was the adventure of a lifetime. I don’t think anyone can fully prepare you for all the incredible sights and experiences you will have on this trek, but there are some things you should know in order to have the safest and most enjoyable trek possible.

Backpacking in Southeast Asia: 5 Lessons I Learned On My First Trip

by Jen Kell
You’ve finally saved enough and you’re ready to go backpacking in Southeast Asia. Now before you go, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you prepare. Learn from the mistakes I made on my first solo backpacking trip.

4 Best Kept Secret City Views in Prague

by Shopify API
Prague is a city out of a fairytale with it’s red slate roofs and Art Nouveau facades. But the tourists and backpackers that swarm its most well-known picture taking spots make all that hard to enjoy to the fullest.

5 Ways I’ve Benefitted from Backpacking

by Jen Kelly
Backpacking taught me that who I am determines what I do, not the other way around. It's challenged my worldview for the better, gave me a greater capacity for empathy, and forced me to live in the present.

How I Teach English Online While Traveling the World

by Shopify API
It might sound cheesy, but teaching English Online has really allowed me to live the life of my dreams. I’m able to travel where and when I want, make my own hours, and make enough to support this lifestyle.